It’s like you’ve gone away
Because you’re not picking up
It’s like you’ve packed up
And gone away, off to the sun.
My doorsteps waits, awash
With anticipation for the post card
And the wish you were heres
Because you’ve gone, haven’t you,
You’ve gone.

It’s like you’ve gone away
And soon, we’ll slip back over
To see you, and you’ll ask
The same questions you always used
To ask, what are you doing now,
You’ll say, London, oh, fancy that
I hope you’re taking care of yourself
And you’ll laugh, and you’ll tell
Another story, and a golden aura
Will fall down over you, as you
Remember how perfect things used to be.

I’d like to come with you
Wherever it is you’ve gone.
But I know he’s with you
And you’re in the sun, sipping
At G&Ts and reminiscing, the happy
Couple you used to be, and are still.
For he waited, and he waited,
To be reunited with the only woman
He ever loved, and I know how much
You missed him, and missed him,
And you are together now, at last
And finally, and eternally, smiling
As the golden sun sets now.


Rose Staveley-Wadham

In memory of my grandmother, Molly Doreen Maguire 1927-2016.