They say love is a rebel disease
Yes it cannot be put down
The barricades are strong my friend
It will not give up now.
And when you ask me, can you
Stop loving? Could you control it
When it comes marauding
Coursing through your blood
Unbidden? You think I can
That I could somehow prevent it
This pent up fury
A madwoman’s curse, you think it
Easy to stand apart, to stand up
And be separate, as if loving were
But a switch, I’m tired now, lets have it off
Oh if it were only so, that I could walk away
And bury it, but they were quite right my friend
Love is not a rebel disease for nothing
Revelling in its rebellion it will not be
Placated until it has vanquished all
That stands in its way and that means me
And you, anything that stands in its path
Until when its fury is spent, depleted,
It rends us both apart, and that is why
I hide from it, set up a shelter and cower
I cannot let it happen, I cannot let it take
Hold, and so my friend I turn from you
Even when I want you, and want you
Love is a rebel disease they say
And it will take us down, and down
Obliterating all that can be found
And all that was good between us.
So you see, it is no wonder that I
Shy from it, love the rebel disease.


Rose Staveley-Wadham