I am a creature of a bitter winter
I warned you my heart was cold.
And yet you keep returning
Yearning, always yearning,
But I cannot give you that which
You ask, for you ask too much of me,
I, who have been left outside too
Long, I’m frozen, immolated by the chill.

And if you think to free me
As if I were a victim of some half
Spent spell, I must warn you that
The winter comes with me.
You will gain no victory
No maiden to do with what you will.

But, do not mistake me,
The coldness that I harbour
Is no dragon, nothing so violent
Nor fiery, and so you cannot think
To thaw me, as the London streets
Grow foggy, remember that I am
A creature of the coming winter
The falling snow my throne.

You cannot think to have me
When you believe that because
I freeze, it is somehow my
Disease, like my frigidity is a
Curse, or something worse,
That in me is a dearth of
Desire, that I am not capable
Of loving, is it that which you fear?

Why yes, I have told you
How I am creature of the most
Bitter of winters, for so long I have
Been kept from the sun
And so not you, but only the holy
Rays of summer and their truth
Can restore me, heal me,
Open me up and show me
What it is to be loved
And only then I will emerge
From this bitter winter chill
A winter that you would prolong for
Me, keep me frozen in stone,
And so if you wonder why
I turn from you, think on this
And wonder, how the winter can be so cold.

Rose Staveley-Wadham