Now even the sound of his footsteps
Run through me, when I had thought
I had reached the end of this
Yearning, it relapses, and goes
On and on, I want and I want and I want
Until I think I could desire no more.

But the sound of his feet on the floor
Means that he is near me
And the wooden boards bubble with
The thrill, he was there, I feel him
There in the air when his shadow it
Has passed, he is close, closer
But still he does not come to me.

And I wait, I feel foolish because
The footsteps he left still
Reverberate around my body
As if he had stooped to graze
My skin with the trembling spell
Of his very flesh, that he could
Bless me with his benediction
Turn my desire to something holy
But my prayers disperse vanishing
Just like the shades of his steps
As they evaporate down the hall.


Rose Maguire