Take me far away to my island cave
Where I can sit with the sound of the
Ocean and the wave, leave me there
Where the breeze can tousle my hair
And I can breathe again, in my island cave.

Take me now away to my island cave
I won’t need a key, I will live perfect
And solitary, and entirely unto myself.
I’ll stand and see the chaos lapping
At the distant mainland shore
And I will stand assured of the power
Of the calm I find here in my island cave.

For it is quiet there, and I can be a
Slave to nature and her draw
Enthralled by the spray and the calling
Of the gulls. I need to be alone, to feel
And to see, to push my pen along the
Paper and create distant fantastic worlds.

I am here, here in my island cave
But I haven’t travelled far, not across
The seas in a flimsy rowing boat
No, I crossed the water by closing my
Eyes and found myself in a dream
Of wonder, I see thunder and I pull
A blanket over the raging clouds, here
I am the creator, of pictures and of words,
And I paint and write my island cave
Always surprised of what I may find in there.


Rose Maguire