I close my eyes and I picture The Bridge
That Turkish fantasy under the rails of Shoreditch
Away from the High Street and the bells of St Leonards
Lurks baklava and a sepia bar facing backwards
Antiques, remnants, forgotten photographs and golden drapes
My eyes were enamoured, intoxicated by fate
And then there was the rum, the Navy’s own finest
And my eyes grew wide, starry, I was in heaven at its highest
There on the bar stool at The Bridge
Like something out of Dickens, or perhaps even New York
I could have sidled off the sidewalk, up to you,
My breath all rancid, yes, there’s a clue
It tells a sorry story, of white wine, and of gin
Have me, take me, why do you never let me in?
But hang on a second, wait, let me think,
Do I long for you, or do I just want another drink?
But the clock ticks, there, I can see it
And the last tube has gone, vanished,
So here comes another, another shot of rum
And overhead, beyond, the overground rattles
Although my mind with it battles, surely we
Should be drenched in smoke, from the weary days of steam?
And I could really scream at you, I want answers, and now
I am the prosecution homing in, but the prisoner
At the bar goes all blurry, until you’re the only solid thing
Although you are elusive, like Sherlock Holmes in his fog
And you dissipate under my desperate touch
It’s too late, too late, all it is is another missed chance
It’s closing time, last orders and then the very last
And out onto the pavement I am cast, it is colder
And I’m a thousand years older, but still hell bent
On loving you, but away I am bundled
Fumbled into an awaiting taxi, oh, what you have
Taken from me, nothing real, but that’s the problem
It’s just the might have beens, the possibilities,
And meanwhile I’m passed out silly
My breath hot against the cold car window,
Me a widow to the love I think I’ve lost, and the cost
Of those damned drinks at The Bridge, which stole
My reserve and showed me the possibilities,
The what might have beens, until you put a stop
To it, and stowed me away in a taxi
Wrapped me up in a coffin, and sent me away
Comfortable, dozing, snuggled up in a hearse.