Where did my light go? What did you do to it?
Where did you hide it? I search, when night is
Low and dusk is glowering, the frowning red
Sun turning my surroundings into a molten hell.
Where did my light go? Where did you take it?
I stand in my mirror and I see the shell of me
Where once was life, and vitality, I see, I see
A crustacean crawling across the earth
A dearth of beauty, a passing heady spark that
Was once, and will never be again, for you
Have taken my light away from me and
Only in the mirror can I see the truth of
My barren self, stripped of happiness, and of
Health, that glow, that shine in my eyes,
Oh, how glad I was to be alive, but now,
Outside, the sun is done, and has left behind
A livid wound that haunts the aching city skies
A faint hope of light that laughs taunting before
The darkness, and I fall back to my mirror
And wonder, where you have taken my light?
How did you slip it from me? Was it deep night,
And was I sleeping? Are you happy now, that I
Grow odious without it, I would take a pebble,
A rock, and dash it across the brittle frame of the
Mirror, telling me lies, telling my youth is disguised
By some petty love affair, that you took from me
My light and my laughter, my heart and the care
I once held for myself, mirror, I can be beautiful
Even if you mock me, and show me that I can never be
Like all of the other girls, you pick out my flaws, but now
I close my doors on you, just as I hide away
From the impending night and draw the curtains
I will keep you out, and from the shards of glass
Of the broken mirror I will fashion a strange kind
Of fire, you see, I had intended, to take the teeth
Of the shards and set them into my skin, and the blood
Would shine just like the embers of the fading day outside,
But it would not do, to cover my room
And make of it a scarlet study, I push those thoughts
Away as I take the broken mirror and kindle a fire
That will burn brighter than any light I once owned
I will bring my light back to me, and never let it
Be stolen away again, by any lover, or any friend.


Rose Maguire