Please, don’t take your coat
I’m not ready for you to leave
For when you go you will go
Far, far out of my sight and
Beyond the rumbling city and the
Indifferent concrete walls, beyond
Even the green hills and the
Open fields of the place
That I call home, even though
I am trapped here all alone.

Please, don’t take your coat
Don’t move up out of your seat
And cast your eyes to the door.
I did not ask for this, this parting,
And I cannot decide which I most
Abhor, is it the loving or the leaving
Of you, as you thieve my heart away.

Stay, I beg you, you know we’re
Not done here, it’s still new and
Now it’s nearly spring, and so far
For us to fall, please, think on this
The sweet kiss of the yellow daffodils
They whisper to us that the winter
Is over and that we shall be warm again.

And if you step out, and put on
Your coat, and leave, you will
Never know the promise of that
Wistful fragrance, you will step out
Into the decadence of our city’s streets
And all their temptations, please,
Put down your coat and stay
I told you, spring is near, approaching,
That’s it, I’ll bar the door, I’ll find
The key and pull back the lock
You’ll never leave me
Never want for anything outside
Of my four walls, and when the autumn
Comes, shining, we’ll mourn the fallen
Leaves together, and you’ll understand
Beauty the way that I see it
Perfect but flawed
I wouldn’t have you any other way
Because you, my dear, are just like
Those autumn leaves
Rancid and rotten, spoiled,
But possessed of some kind of beauty
And in that beauty is strength,
So stay, stay, set your coat aside,
Lean into me, and whisper another
Lie, that you’ll stay, stay, forever
And just one day.

Rose Staveley-Wadham