Like a light I would switch you off
Like a candle I would blow you out
And in the darkness I would live
Hidden, no, I couldn’t see you there
And if I couldn’t see you, perhaps
I may not care? I’ve been steeped
With worries like sloe berries in gin
Lashed like a sinner might get rid of
His sin, why cannot I forget?
Why is all I touch tarnished, every
Moment drowned in regret?

So like a light I would turn you off
Like a candle I would blow you out
Give me the peace that I crave
I’ll be brave, like an addict I’ll shake
Away the shakes, before my heart breaks
But I know, I know, what’s taking shape
In that mind of mine, give me the wine,
I’ll find the matches, light you up again
Don’t you see, you need me? I need you
Batten down the hatches, here I come
Another tawdry love song, chanting
In your ears, all the night long.

And so you see, that I cannot
Take the light and switch it off
Blow out the candle and forget
The fable of our impossible love
I’ll be standing here all the while
Shivering in my denial, it’s cold,
Cold out here, but I’ll wait,
I’ll wait and wait forever, my dear.


Rose Staveley-Wadham