Let your light shine, and brightly,
No man has the right to take away
The things that make you beautifully you.
All my life I have thought that I must be
Someone else to earn the love of others
Skinnier, prettier, trendier, but being a
Woman is when you can own yourself
And know that your flaws are the recipe
That created you in perfection
You are you, and nobody else.

But they’ll tell you, that womanhood is
A curse, they’ll say that ever since Eve
Was cast out we’ve been cast under
But let me tell you, that we women
We rise with the thunder
We have the wit to speak with bright red
Lips and to rip the status quo asunder.

And so take your glamour and your style
Take your vim and your guile
Stand up in the crowd and be noticed
Never hide your face or voice away
And stay loving always, for we are
Loving and strong, that is our battle
Song and throws our foes into strange
Confusion, because in our unity
We love ourselves and each other
And that will earn us our victory.


Rose Staveley-Wadham