The Chaos and the Calm

Poetry by Rose Staveley-Wadham


IMG_4586I am Rose Staveley-Wadham, an aspiring novelist and poet and everything between. I have so far written four novels, all of which contain a strong female protagonist, depictions of intense relationships, and are set in the county where I grew up, West Sussex. Some are historical, and are based on my lifelong obsession with the mysteries of the past, that are flavoured by the Gothic and influenced by the temperamental beauty of the Sussex countryside.

I studied English Literature at Durham University, where I gained a First Class Honours Degree in 2013. I studied everything from Old Norse through to Elizabeth Bowen, from Chaucer to Elizabeth Gaskell, and I concentrated my essays on feminism. My dissertation was on three Thomas Hardy novels, and looked at the interrelation of his female characters with the environment.

Since graduating, I have written four novels, and in 2014 I travelled to Spain for a 3 week long writing retreat, which I spent in the mountains above the Costa Blanca. It was a magical experience, and is now a treasured memory.

I am excited to announce that my first novel will soon be published – watch this space for more information!